Farmer First Technologies

08 / 06 / 2021
14:00 – 17:00 CAT        Nigeria

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About the startup

Farmer First creates Market Access using an online platform providing farmers direct access to market and buyers at competitive market prices and covers the entire value chain of agriculture in terms of Agro-trading, Aggregation and Logistics.

We close the funding gap by using microloans to make farming profitable for African smallholders farmers. We have digitized the lending process to offer farmers tailored loans to enable scale and meet production targets and also by providing banking services by building a mobile and agent banking service to provide financial & banking services tailored to farmer and agro-trader needs.

According to GrowAfrica, only 37.4% of smallholder farmers have access to banking and financial services in sub-Saharan Africa. As at the end of 2019, there is a $26.4bn financing gap for sub-Saharan African smallholder farmers according to GrowAfrica. 

Due to Challenges along the value chain, African farmers have limited access to reliable markets that can pay a fair price for their produce. Unhealthy practices of middlemen across agriculture pose a huge problem. The market price is being fixed by traders for their benefit rather than farmers.

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There is a problem of weak or non-existent agricultural extension system in Nigeria leading to low crop yield year-on-year and we’re solving it by providing (near) realtime extension service to local farmers remotely via SMS and robocall at an affordable rate.

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Helping minimize the movement of people from place to place in search of food and farm produce to buy is also a good way of helping fight the pandemic. This is what we are achieving by making it possible for farm produce to be bought through our platform and delivery made with very minimal contact.

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We are solving the problem of food wastage and household hunger by reconciling the supply and demand issue along the food value chain.

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