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AgroData promotes regenerative farming via pollination of fruits n vegetables by the honey bees. Our invention, the smarthive also collates relevant agro ecological data from the farm environment.

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Crowdyvest is a fintech community of young professional, we help members grow their wealth through savings, investments and deals that give them good returns on their money.

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eCampus LLC

We are helping regulators & supervisors (parents, teachers, employers and the government) to better understand the learning needs of learners (students & employees).

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Ecomak Recyclers

Ecomak Recyclers is a social enterprise developing eco-friendly, durable and long lasting building plastic bricks and blocks from post-consumer plastic waste using a chemical free and energy saving extrusion technology, an affordable alternative to conventional bricks solving the challenges of plastic pollution, unemployment, poverty and indecent housing.

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Neural Labs

Neural Labs Africa is an innovative medical technology company using AI to revolutionize medical imaging diagnosis

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Parc Smart

In congested cities, people often spend a lot of time looking for space to park their vehicles. As a result, such cities experience more traffic, more pollution, increased stress symptoms for its residents, reduced productivity, and a higher risk on roads’ safety.

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We provide Households with smart cookstoves, bio-pellets and tree seedlings. Smart cookstoves replaces traditional polluting stoves while the sustainable bio-pellets, replaces firewood and charcoal that causes alarming deforestations and degradations. Each family also receives and plants trees while communities are trained on reforestation, agroforestry and sustainable forest management. The carbon saved from REDD+, renewable fuels and cookstoves, are sold as carbon offsetting to large carbon footprint companies.

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Proxalys is a fresh produce supply chain company and B2B E-commerce platform for FMCG products. We aim to connect food producers with retailers, restaurants, and service providers using in-house applications that drive
end-to-end operations.

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Qataloog automates curriculum-curated learning content distribution across Universities

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Rural Farmers Hub

At Rural Farmers Hub we convert crop, soil and weather data into personalised advice for farmers to improve soil productivity and increase yield.

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Vooli offers multiple on demand insurance options at the touch of a button that are flexible, have lower premiums and reduces fraud to increase trust.

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