As Startupbootcamp AfriTech continues to accelerate disruptive solutions, the pan-African tech accelerator has created an initiative that is expected to transform the tech ecosystem through value addition and resource allocation. 

Led by Director of Programs and Founder in Residence for the ASIP Accelerator, Henry Ojuor, SBC AfriTech has created a mentor-led Angel community and Syndicate that is designed to connect startups to mentors who are keen to deploy both operational help and capital. This network will play a pivotal role in showcasing some of the most promising startups from Africa, providing them with essential support such as funding, access to partnerships and resources, and much more.

“In a concerted effort to ensure that startups within our network receive sustained and enduring value from mentors in our community, while also ensuring that mentors are able to capture some of the value they give to founders, we are thrilled to officially announce the inauguration of the OnAfrica Investment Syndicate, a groundbreaking venture facilitated by Startupbootcamp Afritech,”says Ojuor.

The initiative is set to provide selected startups with check sizes ranging from $100,000 to $400,000 in comprehensive support, encompassing funding, mentorship, and guidance from an esteemed team of experienced angel investors. 

The mentorship community and investment syndicate is also supported by Jed NG and Scott Newall who share a common vision to cultivate and nurture an active Africa-focused investment community that not only injects capital into promising ventures but also provides invaluable operational support. 

“The OnAfrica Investment Syndicate is not merely a financial initiative; it represents a holistic approach to startup growth, says the trio. “Through strategic mentorship, hands-on guidance, and a commitment to operational excellence, the syndicate aims to empower startups within its network, propelling them towards sustained success.”

By leveraging pre-vetted startup deal flow through Startupbootcamp Afritech’s extensive scouting network and due diligence frameworks, coupled with exclusive access granted by the Startupbootcamp Alumni, members of this syndicate can participate in premier deal flow opportunities emerging from Africa. 

 Members of this syndicate will always get first-hand information on properly vetted startups within the Startupbootcamp ecosystem. With an alumni network nearing $1B in value, and having generated an IRR of 179%, members of the syndicate will get deals that surely outperform most regular funds both within and outside of Africa.

The aim for this syndicate is to do between $ 3m-$5m per year in startup deals through this network and is calling on all well-meaning angels to join on this journey to shape the future of Innovation in Africa.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Active Angel Investor 
  • Have a minimum of $5000 in commitment.

Application process: Submit interest by visiting

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