08 / 06 / 2021
14:00 – 17:00 CAT        Nigeria

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About the startup

Afrilearn offers richly animated and curriculum-relevant video lessons, class notes, practice tests, live classes and a personalized learning dashboard that empower high/secondary school students (Ages 12-22) to study at their unique pace in and outside the classroom via Web, App, and data-free Dongle subscription services.

Every day, the Afrilearn studios host expert tutors who teach different subjects in front of cameras. These genius tutors simplify difficult subjects and topics in entertaining ways, resulting in thousands of engaging video lessons covering the government-approved curricula. This helps learners to remember easily because whatever we learn with pleasure, we never forget.

These video lessons are then developed into engaging animation and deployed for users’ subscriptions through App, Web, and data-free Dongle services at highly affordable rates for secondary school students (between ages 12 to 22) across Anglophone West Africa, a market of effectively over 300 million people.

Based on our research, some children learn best by watching videos, some by reading class notes, some by solving practice problems, and some by social collaboration. Beyond integrating storytelling, social learning and supplementary tech skills content, Afrilearn gives every child the freedom of personalized learning using the unique method that works best for them.

Our vast and culture-specific education video library is also synchronized for compression optimized video streaming, offline download, and playback on any device, with monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription packages.

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