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We promote sustainable farming, soil conservation and nature care. Our unique business model leverages the roles of honey-bees as pollinators in a natural ecological system. We process and supply fresh vegetables, fruits and natural honey.

Problem: Smallholder farms support more than half of the entire population in Africa but they rely on inefficient and unsustainable farming practices.

Solution: A bee-centred cropping model using iSmarthives (IoT device), which has multi-functionality: – rapid bees colonization towards cross-pollination of crop plants, harnessing natural honey and more importantly to collate agro-ecological data from the farm environment. We install the hives for free on smallholder farmlands with a partnership deal and revenue-sharing scheme.


1. Improvement in crop yield (pollination by bees)

2. Extra income from honey, biodiversity improvement & circularity

3. Reduction in operating expenses (lesser fertilizers) & soil restoration

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