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At Dawa Health, we have created a digital health platform empowering mothers to receive remote maternal health. The DawaMom platform is a multi-lingual, AI-powered, digital health platform accessible via a smartphone app, SMS app, web portal, and a text/audio chat-bot.

The platform provides expectant mothers with tailored weekly maternal advice to help them identify pathological changes in time. Women on Sayana Press self-injectable kits can get 24/7 digital support over the DawaMom platform. Also, the DawaMom platform works together with a network of community health agents who provide bi-monthly visits to pregnant mothers and quarterly visits to mothers on Sayana Press kits.

We provide a proprietary DawaMom kit to the agents that they use to support mothers remotely over the platform. The data wire from the network of community health agents is then interpreted by qualified health professionals remotely to provide remote insights.

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