08 / 06 / 2021
14:00 – 17:00 CAT        Nigeria

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The ubiquity of small feature phones presents a unique opportunity to deliver inexpensive, relevant and accessible learning content to millions of Nigerian children at home — during COVID-19 and beyond — without the barriers posed by data costs, smartphone access and internet connectivity. That potential of enabling remote, personalised and quality learning underlies the innovativeness of our solution which is accessible via SMS or USSD.

Our solution, called DigiLearns, Nigeria’s first mobile adaptive learning tool enables educational access and learning content delivery, by leveraging artificial intelligence to ensure students from low-income families and underserved groups, even in refugee camps, remote areas or nomadic settlements can access high-quality, government-approved and contextually-relevant content in form of textbook context and revision materials, quizzes and mini-lessons to basic feature phones via SMS or USSD. 

By simply dialing the code *347*774#, a student or any learner can access lesson notes and learn any subject or topic of choice from the Nigerian curriculum. 

It does not only accommodate the reality of low smartphone penetration and the digital divide in rural areas for disadvantaged populations but also guarantees expanded reach and widespread distribution of quality education for all.

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