Helping minimize the movement of people from place to place in search of food and farm produce to buy is also a good way of helping fight the pandemic. This is what we are achieving by making it possible for farm produce to be bought through our platform and delivery made with very minimal contact.

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Farmer First Technologies

Farmer First creates Market Access using an online platform providing farmers direct access to market and buyers at competitive market prices and covers the entire value chain of agriculture in terms of Agro-trading, Aggregation and Logistics.

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We are solving the problem of food wastage and household hunger by reconciling the supply and demand issue along the food value chain.

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Rural Farmers Hub

Small farmers today are producing less food than they did 30 years ago! 40 million of them are not able to save money and secure their jobs. At Rural Farmers Hub, we are returning farmers to profitability through our crop intelligence solution called Capture™️.

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Afrilearn is an education streaming service that actively integrates seasoned teachers, animators, and developers to provide affordable and world-class education for Africans, anywhere.

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Our solution, called DigiLearns, Nigeria’s first mobile adaptive learning tool enables educational access and learning content delivery, by leveraging artificial intelligence to ensure students from low-income families and underserved groups, even in refugee camps, remote areas or nomadic settlements can access high-quality, government-approved and contextually-relevant content in form of textbook context and revision materials, quizzes and mini-lessons to basic feature phones via SMS or USSD.

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Schoola Ltd

Schoola offers gamification to capture the learner and Artificial Intelligence to help schools generate contents faster, reducing the task of the teachers and increasing the learners interest.

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Gleeworld Pharmacy

Our aim is to digitalize the entire pharmacy experience by reinventing pharmacy from a “shop” to a “primary care centre” to improve patient outcome.

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Medipal Healthcare

Medipal Healthcare is a Hospital management software that helps hospitals digitalize and automate their processes while helping patients get access to medical professionals in a few clicks. It solves the problem of insecure paper health records systems, lack of unified patient records across hospitals, increased operational cost, and access to medical professionals during emergencies.

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At PharmaServ, we believe that the use of advanced technology can improve security by preventing products that leave the legitimate supply chain from returning to it. These solutions can improve drug safety and curb the spread of fake drugs and unnecessary hike of prices by creating a transparent drug supply chain system.

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