Rural Farmers Hub

08 / 06 / 2021
14:00 – 17:00 CAT        Nigeria

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We realize that helping farmers increase their yield presents a new business opportunity for us to address Nigeria’s $4.1 billion annual food import market. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the global supply chain, forcing companies and governments to explore new ways of boosting regional food production thereby reducing the effect of global shock on businesses.
The real question is, why is food import cheaper? We did the maths and found the secret is in the quality of crop yield.

Small farmers today are producing less food than they did 30 years ago! This is shocking, especially when you consider that they have steadily expanded the size of their farms. Across the country, countless farmers have struggled to make ends meet, unable to save money and secure their job.

We rely on satellite remote sensing to generate crop-specific intelligence for each farmer; such information ranges from soil nutrient level, crop-specific fertilizer requirements, weather forecast, crop health status, the best time for planting/harvesting, access to tractors, improved varieties, fertilizer, chemicals, access offtakers and more.

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Helping minimize the movement of people from place to place in search of food and farm produce to buy is also a good way of helping fight the pandemic. This is what we are achieving by making it possible for farm produce to be bought through our platform and delivery made with very minimal contact.

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Farmer First Technologies

Farmer First creates Market Access using an online platform providing farmers direct access to market and buyers at competitive market prices and covers the entire value chain of agriculture in terms of Agro-trading, Aggregation and Logistics.

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We are solving the problem of food wastage and household hunger by reconciling the supply and demand issue along the food value chain.

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