Top 20 Logistics 

We are delighted to welcome you on board the program for Final Selection Days 2023. This page includes all the information you should need to prepare for the event. If you have any questions, please contact the SBC Team.

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Required Information

  • Please email us with the below information ASAP
  • Short biography (around 100-words and not CV) – for inclusion on the website
  • Headshot high-res and colour photo: digital format saved as a JPEG, PNG or GIF file
  • Please check that your biography and photo are uploaded correctly on the founder listing, if not please reach out to us
  • Mobile Number (so I can reach you on site in case of an emergency)
  • Dietary Requirements (please specify)
  • Special Assistance: Please inform us if you require any specific assistance at the venue

Additional Information

  • As part of the Top 20, you will be expected to attend the events we have planned from the 16th to the 20th of January, please adhere to the guidelines below:
  • Please check the latest agenda here. If you have any queries regarding the agenda please contact us.
  • You will be expected to prepare a 5-minute pitch to an audience. We will have pitch practice but you are expected to prepare a script and pitch deck to this regard.
  • The room will be equipped with a laptop, data projector,screen and microphone.



Sodishop is a marketplace that operates in Guinea, Mali, Senegal, and Ivory Coast designed to ease last-mile product delivery for Africans regardless of their social class or geographical position. In 2023, the startup plans to cover more than 25 African countries in order to develop a digital ecosystem devoted to the transformation of logistics and trade in Africa.


Stima provides riders with high-performance electric motorcycles at the same price as petrol motorcycles, accessible in lease to own through financing partners. Riders also get access to a battery swapping service solving all e-mobility constraints: by exchanging empty batteries for full ones in STIMA stations anywhere in the city.


Parkwell matches drivers with available, safe parking spaces and helps property owners list their parking spaces for optimum use. They do this with our mobile and web applications.

The Digital Parking Platform integrates parking facilities and connects it to mobile for a seamless experience, essentially connecting all parking and mobility stakeholders.

Biha Eco Venture

Biha creates disruptive products and solutions that provide unique opportunities for everyone at each point of the value chain to enable them to maximize their profits on renewable energy, leading to a low carbon footprint using an E-waste management system as an enabler.

BD Waste

BD Waste combines fintech and sustainability to recover Plastic waste from communities. Their Digicycle product allows customers directly deposit plastic waste into their digital wallets and receive credit for it. This credit can be used to purchase data packages, airtime, food items, stationery, and health insurance.


Lebalma is a fintech start-up that is lending common products to its customer and they pay it on an installment basis. The startup’s focus is on Buy Now Pay Later, Credit Scoring, financial inclusion and the digital divide. Lebalma aims to make the sale on credit, a business opportunity and an appropriate means of meeting the needs of customers in Africa.


SafeTrack’s technology allows a 75 % reduction in water consumption for irrigation at 20 % of the price of their competitors. The IoT solution of geolocation and monitoring 100 % mobile, simple maintenance does not require any IT infrastructure. Composed of revalued smartphones and sensors and other affordable devices, and a cloud software platform developed internally.


Limawa has designed the first solar-powered refrigerated truck in the West African region. The startup aims to tackle the issues of food conservation and transportation with solar-powered split air conditioners that can reach -2 °C. The startup offers an innovative and cost-efficient alternative to industrial compressors for the cold chain industry. This solution is suitable for trucks, containers, and trailers.


Foodable is a B2B marketplace that simplifies the way businesses procure fresh produce in Africa. They take care of the entire process, from planning buying orders, ordering products, expense management, to logistics whilst ensuring fair pricing, traceability, and quality across all product categories. The company is on a mission to make the lives of millions of restaurant, kiosk, and canteen owners in Africa easier.


ARED is a solar and AI-powered hyper-converged distributed storage and computing infrastructure using edge technology to help bridge the digital infrastructure gap in emerging markets.


Swoove is a logistics technology company that develops infrastructure to enable small businesses operating online to reach customers across the country. They do this by giving them access to hyperlocal last-mile delivery and warehousing/fulfillment infrastructure via our hubs, pickup, and drop-off stations (in the form of mom-and-pop shops) across the city.


PharmaServ is a SaaS product, which automates the processes of sales orders, reconciling incoming payments, debts, and invoices for Healthcare brands (sales reps), this a labor-intensive process that is still predominantly manual for most local companies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kyanda Africa

Kyanda is a FinTech startup that offers an Omnichannel Payment Solution through its infrastructure to serve both individuals and businesses. The services offered cut across Utility Bill Payments (offered to businesses through our powerful APIs) , Payment Collections and Disbursements to/from Mobile Money Wallets, Bank Accounts & Card Payments.

Buur Logistics

BUUR LOGISTICS is a trucking platform between road carriers and shippers on the Maghreb – West Africa corridors using a network of loading and unloading zones. 

The customer places an order via the Buur Logistics platform, by email or phone call our operator checks the databases for trucks that can do the job, negotiates and assigns the route and the carrier leaves with a supervisor from the Buur Logistics team, all within 45 minutes.

Moja Ride

Moja Ride has made it their mission to enable better and cleaner mobility services to African cities by making financing easy and accessible for all transportation professionals. Drivers and transport companies can easily qualify for new car loans and car repairs by simply working with Moja Ride’s advanced digital fare payment and booking technologies.

Guanxi Investments

Guanxi was founded in 2017 in Cameroon with the aim of developing alternative solutions for the financing of businesses in Africa. By launching its crowd investing platform, Guanxi pioneered a new financing model connecting the dots between entrepreneurs and investors in Africa.


Yoonema is a digital marketplace that offers a simplified and reliable e-commerce experience for buyers and merchants, founded in 2019 by two passionate members of the Senegalese diaspora.Yoonema enables customers to sell and buy the product they want, online, from the comfort of their home.


Jand2Gidi is using API technology to ease pain points relating to the cross-border flow of goods into the African continent. The process of importing can be a nightmare due to high costs, non-trackability, surprise fees and lack of experienced & trustworthy shipping partners. Jand2Gidi enables startups and businesses to plug into a platform for hassle-free importation of cargo as detailed above.

Elnexu Consults

Elnexu Consults promises to avail organizations and individuals with an array of innovative FINTECH Solutions.

The startup’s primary focus is Agent Banking, Payment Platform Advisory and Fintech Marketing. The startup leverages partnerships to provide a One-Stop-Shop for Payment and Collection Solutions.

Mipango Fintech

A localized personal finance app for the African market, enabling users to manage their finances, achieve financial goals, get a credit score and get linked to relevant financial advice, products, and opportunities powered with Artificial Intelligence, simple and fun designs.