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About the startup

A seamless, accessible and secure on demand insurance platform that seeks to cater to the 97 % who are uninsured and underinsured across Africa through its web and app.

Vooli uses valuation API technology to valuate premiums for Insurance companies premiums vary due to insured declared values(IDV),specific client needs and risk profiles, we use that information to create the most cost effective insurance cover, there is no one size fit all. There are 490 million people in Africa living in extreme poverty, i.e. 36% of the population.
Fraud-The insurance sector in Kenya has recorded Ksh 15.27 Billion in underwriting losses in 2019 a 108% increase from 2018, its worst in over two decades majorly due to fraudulent claims.
We have a core team of five, a prototype app and we have raised $ 33000 pre seed through a grant from the world bank for being in line with the SDGs.
Recently, Vooli was in the Catapult inclusion 2021 by Luxemburg house of financial technology.

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