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Our solution is taking the principle of crowd-funding and thrift, applying it to food. Simply put, cheaper prices for our subscribers by encouraging and enabling saving towards their staple food needs.

We have created a means by which low-income earners can purchase the food items they need in small volumes/quantities but at wholesaler prices, through a monthly subscription model. Each subscription tier contains a bouquet of staple foods in varying quantities. We only cater for the staple foods like rice, beans, cassava granules (garri), vegetable oils, semo, milk, yam flour, wheat, pepper, salt etc. leveraging economies of scale to drive prices lower for our subscribers.

We make it easier and convenient for our monthly subscribers to pay what they can afford to pay (a minimum of the equivalent of 50cents) over a 27-day period, which allows them to save towards their food plan as they earn. By pooling their subscription payments together, we can purchase these food items at significantly reduced prices from our vendors/farmers, repackage them in our main warehouse, transport them to our delivery hubs and deliver to our customers once a month through a last mile, uber-like pick-up and delivery mobile application that allows any approved van owner/driver to do our last mile delivery from the delivery hubs to the customer.

We have found that the lower income earners prefer this savings methodology and allows them to obtain their staples much cheaper.

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